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What is your Postpartum Wellness Plan?

Yes, Now I am sure that you have heard of a Birth Plan, but have you heard of a Postpartum plan? If not, what are some things you feel are completely non negotiable for new families? What are high priority items that are needed for parents and children? Im glad you're here. Offering postpartum services to clients for me means that a lot of families express to me a need or desire for help and guidance during the fourth trimester most. Moms are worried about adjustment, visitors, diets and more. Check out my top three categories and some reasonable explanations as to why:

Nourishment- Fuel your body: A pregnant person has spent 9 months with hormones changing, metabolism adjusting, body evolving and a multitude of needs to be met. Just as pregnancy takes time to evolve and develop, postpartum healing also takes time. It took 9 months to get baby to full term! Your bounce back is going to take time. With your body going back to pre-pregnancy status means consideration for these changes have to also be met. Things won't be the same, they'll get better! In order to support postpartum healing and celebrate the transition into a new phase of life you want to fuel your body accordingly. The goal is not weight loss, its transitioning and healthful nutrition to heal and thrive (as much as possible) in motherhood. Once you accept the transitional period, all of your other goals will be so much easier to attain. Activity- Join a class or seek support: Do not forget that you need support too! Treat yourself well and make connections with parents who have new babies as well. Ask for help, dictate tasks, whatever it takes! When you're cleared for physical activity, make plans and have accountability partners and reminders that keep you motivated. There are plenty of online resources and support groups offering positive spaces for new parents. Organize with your family and community to have people come over and help or to join in on activity with you. Advice - Consult friends or family with kids: Advice is subjective to the topic, especially parenting advice. This part may seem harder than the others but asking or accepting advice in this time is valid, but the way you accept or decline it is also extremely important. As a new parent or a parent with a new child, sometimes unwanted advice presents itself in many unwanted ways. Ask specific questions, create safe spaces for yourself (and others) to get advice and offer it to others. Prioritizing time for not only yourself but your spouse and other children if you have will be vital. Changes demand for changes to be made, the same things may no longer work and how great could it be to learn from another persons mistake or success? Others who have gone through experience may have secret tips and tricks you may be able to use to keep harmony. Products are also extremely important. Taking care of yourself with specific products is not selfish, it is self care and I encourage it. Store runs and ordering items won't ever be the same with a new baby in tow. Check out Earth Mama Postpartum Recovery Products or my Total Mothering Chronicles Product Line -Esty Shop to check out some helpful products for recovery and care. Some of the products I suggest are things that you either already have or have quick access to like:

  • A Peri Bottle

  • Pads

  • Laxative or Stool softeners

  • Witch Hazel and/or Aloe Vera Gel

  • Nursing Bra / A Couple of favorite comfy outfits    You do not need to buy a

Just to name a few items I think everyone needs! Check out Earth Mama's Free Lying-in Postpartum Plan by following that link or send me an Email if you need some help or want a Postpartum Wellness Plan sample. I would love to help your transition into the fourth trimester! #NoHoodLikeParenthood


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