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Ok so- steaming is Each steam is specially formulated to help heal and maintain imbalances of the vagina. If you're here hopefully you're looking for some help with your blend, a blend you purchased in the shop or have already!Steaming has been practiced as vaginal care for centuries. From postpartum care to monthly maintenance to actual impurity treatment - vaginal steaming can be traced to the wellness regiment of so many routines.

In order to successfully steam, you must have a seat! If you are placing the pot on the ground, use a trivet or pot holder so your floor or carpet doesn’t get damaged! My suggestions for what you have for steaming at home are:

1. Use two armless chairs. Place them next to each other with a small amount of space between. Place the bucket or the pot with the tea steam on the ground between the chairs.

2. Use a large bowl. Pour the steam into a heat resistant bowl and squat or comfortably kneel over the steam.

3. Use a Yoni chair! There are many options on the market for a steaming stool. ***(Updates soon!)

**Bonus Option** DIY a safe, sanitary chair upcycle option like clean organic cotton, ceramic steam use seat!

Boil 6 cups of water until a bubbling rolling boil. Pour one tea steam into the boiling water then turn the fire off and let the herbs seep a bit into the water and infuse. Have your area prepared with towels and sheets, keep one towel to wipe after session. I prefer to wrap a light sheet around my lower half during sessions. Bring tea steam to the throne and allow to further cool before beginning session.

Each session should be peaceful and comfortable. Do not sit down if the steam is still too hot

(I know, duh) Allow further cooling if steam is at any point problematic from heat. The amount of time spent will vary based on any specific personalized suggestions or formulas. Basic maintenance and usage is to :

Sit on your throne for as long as you can, allow yourself time to cool off after session by removing blankets slowly. This should take about 20-45 minutes in total from the time you sit until you’re complete. It's great. Sit peacefully and just allow the steam to flow.

Some other suggestions are:

· Notify those in your space so they know you need some alone-time without interruptions or distractions. Optimize your timing to when you know there will be the most freedom of disturbance.

· Turn off your phone. Put it on airplane mode. Put it far enough away as to not distract you from connecting with yourself UNLESS you're thoughtfully using it as a tool during your session.

· Clean up the room where you plan on steaming. Clearing and cleaning space is therapeutic and for some can be considered spirit and or self care as well. The act of preparation is part of the process. Make some herbal tea to drink and/or have water nearby.

· Read. Write. Listen to music. This is a great time to spend concentrating on catching up on a book, journal or relaxing to playlists. Use this time to give yourself other spa treatments. Make a whole day of it. Meditate. Pray. Chant. Connect with yourself. Connect with what matters the most to you.

· Take a moment (or a few!) to yourself before you clean up your session.

With lots of Love -


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