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Nice to Meet you....

Hi! My name is Jasmin - 

I'm the Creator of The Total Mothering Chronicles,


Certified Doula - Reproductive Health Specialist - Health & Wellness Consultant. 

The thought began with how to support who I believe and identify with as the focal point; Women.​

Inspired by my Grandmothers and powered by Faith, #TheTotalMotheringChronicles is a gift of love that I hope will keep giving not only in nature but in overall intention.

I can promise you a holistic approach to your experience that you allow me to assist in. As your Doula I am a firm believer that you and your loved ones are the experts on you. I am an educator, coach and motivator to help you find answers to questions and navigate this new part of life. I challenge stories with facts and effective techniques while offering my knowledge, advocacy and support. While we work together I will hold space for you and educate you as much as you allow! 


Check out The Doula Boutique 


Reproductive Health Services

Full Spectrum Doula Support includes a large array of Reproductive Health circumstances. Examples are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Education for empowerment for  Reproductive health as well as prenatal and postpartum wellness. ​

  • Physical and emotional support encouraging self guidance, personalization and respect. ​

  • Customized mentorship and coaching for the entire family. 

  • Private Experiences including the honor of joy or grief. 

​You and your family deserve education and support during joyful times as well as during potentially traumatic experiences. Knowing you have the confidence and practical skills needed to continue your journey with support, regardless of any potential limitations. 

*Questions? Email me any specific needs or concerns, I'd love to chat! 

Consultation Services

Wellness Consultations have the overall goal of enlightening you to what your most healthy and ideal lifestyle goal is, then encouraging you to chase and achieve. Services are offered as Recurring Event or Mini Sessions.


Within your wellness consult, we will not only identify and plan, but create coping mechanisms and self-care techniques so that you can independently live and attain other goals with or without support. 

* Looking to hold a class? Considering private sessions but still not sure?Message me! 

Product Line

With Year around and seasonal products you can trust, The Doula Boutique      not only provides hand made, made to order customizable products but everything is locally harvested. To make matters even better: Everything you shop is either small business owned, black owned or BOTH. That means everything purchased supports our community. We utilize small businesses because we understand the impact that we have economically. We talk with our fellow business owners to find ways to offer the highest quality products that are made with the intention of you and the ones you love. The best part is we are growing....


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