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Ask yourself these questions BEFORE staying home as a parent

* This list is not about finances, your spouse or your children. These are questions for self reflection and growth opportunity. Some questions are harder than others; some are fun. I decided to write this after being given two opportunities to stay home with babies. There is so many emotions and situations that come up with living in this time where muti-income house holds are necessary for survival. So this is about individual exploration and situational awareness.

  1. How do I respond when I do not get my way?

This is typically a question that we visit with our children, but as adults this is extremely important. What is your response to things not going as you intend them to? there are so many spaces for things to not go as planned when staying home, but it is important to find coping skills and balance.

2. How do I deal with negativity in my space?

Do you ignore? Do you engage? Do you redirect? As a stay at home parent, you will become an expected comfort and with that expectation it is more helpful to find ways to control your responses and act for positivity without engaging too much in negativity. 

3. How do I respond to failure? 

As with any job there will be times that things do not work out. Staying home with your children will increase the amount of things that will not work out in your favor. Think about whether your responses are healthy for you or if there are things to work on. 

4. How much do I prioritize my partner (my loved ones)?

The well being of your kids always has to be a priority. As adults with children we need to be accepting and forgiving towards each other and make each other important with action. This question doesn't necessarily only relate to time you spend together, but also to the consideration you have towards the people you care about. 5. How can I work more effectively? Parenting presents its own challenges in itself, how you are able to address those challenges is what matters the most. How frequently do you plan? What do you plan for? These are the types of things you may find yourself addressing. Take on your goals and your challenges with a similar mindset. 6. What am I doing to live a meaning full life? The answer to this might consistently change and that is perfect. We each get one life and we have to live it, so the most logical way to do it is to make it mean the most to you. Outside of what you do day to day, give yourself time and opportunities to do what is most meaningful to you in life. 

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