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What is a Doula?

Considering whether you should hire a Doula? Spoiler Alert: Yes!


A professional who provides support and assistance to individuals or families, especially during a medical or emotional crisis (used in combination)

A professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth.

The term “Doula” comes from a Greek word meaning “to serve”. For those who decide to move forward with this career choice, empathy and servitude is just the beginning. Of course, a Doula is a support person. They do not take the place of any medical professional you work with. They do not take the place of your family. They do not replace your spouse. Your Doula helps you prepare and supports you in ways your nuclear support system can or cannot. They are experienced in different birth related topics and find resources for help. They motivate and collaborate for your care plan. They help with research, information, advocacy and so much more.  The definition is forever changing depending on who you ask, why you ask and what setting you're in. I'll assume you are one of the following:  Are expecting or thinking about becoming a parent or seeking parenting support If this is you:

Yes, you should reach out to a Doula. Do interviews. See if anyone in your family is in birth work or knows anyone who is in birth work. Your doula is an essential part of your team and helps to improve success and positive experiences. The benefits are a huge part of self care; mentally, emotionally and physically. This is an essential part of how you decide to educate yourself and use your creativity. Are a birth worker or thinking about becoming a birth worker or increasing your network If this is you:

Yes, you should reach out to a Doula. Whether you want to become a doula or offer a different type of birth work, we need each other. In order to be successful, you have to acknowledge what you can and cannot do, what is valuable and what is not and how to make it practical in your life and in your business practice. This is an essential part of how well you operate overall. Know someone who may fall in the above categories If this is you: Yes, you should reach out to a Doula. You may not personally need one but someone you love might need to speak to one. The perspective a doula has to offer in any aspect of life is irreplaceable. They have an extremely high sensitivity to others and have remarkable ability to release and replenish energy. Consider the benefit for the Doula as well as yourself or whoever you are trying to assist as you connect all parties.  There are no guarantees when hiring a doula, hiring a birth professional does not guarantee desirable outcomes but it could be the difference in mistreatment in a hospital or birthing center. Or understanding a condition and improving communication. Or learning pain management techniques. Or having a vent session.  So who's got your back? Name your top five. If you don't have five that's ok. If you have more than five it's fine too. The whole point is you matter and you deserve support, knowledge and complete care. 


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