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Attention! Kids Get Stressed Out too:



Over scheduled.


There are so many stress factors that parents should be taking into consideration as we raise the next generation of leaders. I do believe that, parents know their children well enough to know if something isn't right. We can sense when things maybe going on in their lives, or maybe, they are even going through something with us in our lives, and then we try to help them navigate it.

We have to pay close attention, because kids get stressed out too. It is important that we refocus on effective parenting so that we can step out of the mind frame that kids have it easy, and they don't have half as much to worry about because they are kids.

They are human and they feel things and they know things too. Stress can be defined as a mental space of discomfort, pressure or

displeasure, the direct result of a potentially unappealing event or position.

Maybe it's just me, but that sounds like it could literally be every moment since you've come earth side.

A piece of advice in this is to always assume you have something to learn in the interaction you're going to have. Your child is going to teach you just as much as you know them. Regardless of how much of you is in them, their experiences are uniquely their own. Take time to listen, you can share, but comparisons diminish the authenticity

of what is being said.

Another piece of advice is to share. Do not be afraid to share parts of who you are with them, as strange as it may be, as much as you are their parent, you are all of the experiences that got you to this place. You don't have to over share, but sharing things that have made you feel the factors of stress. Listen, take time to see if they have thoughts or questions for you.

The last piece of advice is to ask "Wh" questions. Kids have the largest creativity and the most amazing executions, it just sometimes inconveniences us. If you use "Wh" questions in appropriate interactions, you will get seriously explanative an

swers. Use this to practice safe preventative measures.

The purpose of the advice I offer is to consider the fact that not all stressful situations are necessary, some of these things are avoidable. The other part of this is the fact that some stress is good, it teaches resilience and balance and gives a good correlation to positive things to be proud of. Those feelings I listed first we can replace those feelings like this:

Seperation. / Unify.

Anticipation. / Balance.

Over scheduled. / Flexibility.

Underwhelmed. / Stimulate.

Let me know what your experiences have been like.