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6 Quick Cleaning Tips...

Ready to take your house back? LOL Here are some tips... Jumping right in! Leave your tips in the comments below:

1. Never leave a room empty handed or without purpose.

The more you move around the more opportunities you give yourself to clean. It doesn’t always have to be a clean up session. Just continue to pick up after, the whole house can do this. Something is usually out of place or could be put somewhere else.

2. Everyone has jobs to do because they live here.

Whether you practice chores or you have expectations based on roles, age or any other reasoning, everyone has an expected job. My son cleans his room. My significant takes the trash out. Simple stuff. Because they live here too. This builds responsibility, appreciation and overall positive expectation.

3. Create a schedule.

I would suggest daily and weekly goals. You have to consider your home needs and who all resides there. Spring cleaning is a thing for a reason. A schedule not only allows you to stay on track but to forgive yourself if for any reason you don’t.

4. Get rid of things.

If it doesn’t serve a purpose. If it’s broken. If you don’t need it. If you haven’t used it in a long time. If you forgot you had it. If you don’t want it. If you think you should. If you have too many. If it’s in the way. If it takes up too much room. If you don’t like it any more. Get rid of it.

5. Pick one area to master.

I would suggest it be a main area that should stay clean, the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room. The first reason for this is if you have guests these are the places guests usually invest a lot of time in. The second reason is because most other areas in your home aren’t shared space, it’s more personal. You want to be able to clean this area really quickly to the point where it’s stress free and done within 30-60 minutes, less if possible. My strong suit is the kitchen.

6. Clean up and leave.

I have two kids so we try to get out as much as possible, this way we can't make a mess where mommy already cleaned up at. It is easier said than done sometimes but I also try to clean certain areas and leave them alone. We have a second floor so if I clean upstairs that day, we play downstairs or vice versa. This may seem like common sense but it is a friendly reminder, you can't keep everything clean all of the time but you can make it easier for yourself in different ways.


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