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Add some luxury to your typical self care routine. 


All soaps are hand made in small batches with the highest quality oils and matierials. This soap is made the old fashioned way - by combinding oils and sodium hydroxide. Each base bar (Shea Butter and Hemp oil Bases) is then cured for over a month before it is able to be processed into one of the three lucious options you have to try. Every order comes with 3 bars. 


~The turmeric lavendar tea soap is boosted with homemade oatmilk for added skin nurishment and Lavender which is rich in antioxidants . Turmeric has deep cleansing and brightening effects and when paired with oatmilk and lavender hydrates and rejuvinates while fighting bacteria and softening. 


~The honey and almond soap bar uses raw honey and roasted almonds as a deep moisturizer full of antibacterial properties. The clarifying properties in honey and the hydrating and softening properties in sweet almond oil make this combination a perfect daily use. 


~The Hemp and Mint Seamoss beard and body bar is a perfect multiuse soap bar. whether for shaving, face washing or regular external body washing - the quality of help oil used in this bar is high in Magnesum and Potassium making it a great regengerating soap while adding additional protection and a great sterilizing. 


Handcrafted Bar Soap

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  • Store to let dry between uses. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

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