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To Steam or Not to Steam?

Vaginal Steaming:

This is a newer popularized term that can be placed in the same place of discomfort as talking about breastfeeding, mensuration discomforts and purchases, talking about our emotions and other socially uncomfortable topics for women.

The first time I ran into the practice was when I was looking up healing for my tearing after having my first child in 2011. After successfully treating myself with sitz baths, I decided to try Vaginal steaming for myself in 2018 after researching more benefits some women shared experiences with.

I cannot speak for everyone. I do not try to convince anyone to try my self care methods unless they seem interested already on their own. This practice has existed for centuries, well documented from all over the globe from ordinary to extraordinary women have utilized steaming as a way of healing.

So why do some women choose to create or purchase a herbal concoction of plants and minerals and then brew it just to let the vapors be inhaled by her reproductive organs? Although anecdotal, the practicality of  trying something that has so many practical side effects when done correctly, it seems almost like cheating yourself out of a treat not to see what gift it might offer you.

~ Some steam for menstrual relief, many women who steam regularly report a decrease in pain, discomfort and bloating associated with mensuration. Some also report steaming assisting in regulation as well as flow level. 

~ Some blends encourage fertility, based on the plants chosen to stimulate blood flow to the reproductive organs, the theory is that inexplainable fertility issues can be addressed with vaginal steaming sessions.

~ Some steams serve the purpose of detoxifying the womb and mind of traumas. Vaginal steaming is a kind reminder of womanhood and connecting to our mind, body and soul. We give so much of ourselves and we forget the truths in how our bodies manifest illnesses when we do not address them. 

I steam for my well being. It is a part of my self care the same as writing, reading and praying. Just as much as I need to drink water and I supplement vitamins and minerals for my best health, I steam. As much as I need rest and sunshine and exercise, I need to steam periodically for my wellness.

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